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  • Micro Reshaping
Micro Reshaping


Micro reshaping uses high-tech medical technology which, in a short time, can give you young characteristics. The procedure is safe and recovery times are very quick. Micro shaping gives cosmetologists the ability to quickly and easily improve the look of skin. The reshaping process is so quick that it is affectionately known as the, “Lunch-Break Improvement” because that’s exactly how long it takes for the procedure to be completed – a one-hour lunch break.

Surgical Procedures

Laser Reshaping

The main reason laser cosmetics are good for your health is because it improves  the vitality of your body tissues by increasing its ability to absorb high light wave bands. This is accomplished by using low level lasers to stimulate biological tissue on cosmetology acupuncture points. The reshaping expert note that by exciting the face acupuncture points and partial skin exposure it accelerates the blood circulation. This improves the oxygen supply to the skin cells which has the following benefits Read More