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  • Facial Plastic Surgery
Facial Plastic Surgery

Face profile plastic surgery (also known as cosmetic surgery) is a cranial facial surgery.  The facial contour method can be summarized by the following surgical methods

  1. Injection and filling method
  2. Shopping of facial contours including square face reduction surgery (V-Line)
  3. Cheekbone reduction surgery (grinding cheekbone)
  4. Mandibular angle correction
  5. Brow shaping
  6. Filling the temple
  7. Nobility surgery
  8. 3LINE and K-FACE facial plastic surgery
3LINE Three-Dimensional Plastic Surgery

3LINE plastic is perfect PROFILE View (side facial lines) surgery in accordance to the level of the forehead while correcting the nose and chin lines in pursuit of the most natural side face lines. To achieve the overall beauty of the forehead + nose + chin lines, three-dimensitonal side lines make the face look more compact.  General PROFILE VIEW (side facial lines) surgery is called a T-Zone operation, currently implemented 3 LINE KOREA plastic surgery hospital is a rich experience with the most advanced technology for facial plastic surgery.  Read More