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  • Eye Plastic Surgery
Eye Plastic Surgery

Eye cosmetic surgery is generally performed through incisions, liposuction, embedding and aesthetic effect coordination, which is then followed by eye laser surgery to achieve amplification. Eye plastic surgery generally includes opening the inside and outside corners, ptosis correction and blepharoplasty (dark circles, bags under the eyes, in addition to eye wrinkles, etc.).

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (also known as double eyelid surgery or eyelid-eyelid plasty) is the changing of the organizational structure and reshaping the eyelid/eyelid folds. It is one of the most common surgical cosmetic plastic surgeries. In general the surgery increases the visual outline of the eye, adding to the three-dimensional eye by upturning the eyelashes making the eye more vivid and visually larger. The single fold eyelids mean thicker eyelashes droop and making the eyes significantly smaller, dull and lifeless. Asian eyelids account for more then 50% of patients seeking commonly used methods such as incision method and buried line method.   Read More